Sci-Fantasy Writer & Designer
with dashes of humor, sarcasm, & cats


is an innovative science-fiction and fantasy writer who also dabbles in poetry. Enjoying the weird occurrences in life and story, she seeks to weave odd tales of strange beings, sometimes human and sometimes not.

Her current works in progress have elements of her life experiences, but it’s her poetry that makes those parts shine. Her collection Framing Fragments of Time uses photography, design, and writing to show the raw emotion of each piece. The poem Half-Hearted, part of the collection, was published in Lyrical Iowa 2015.

When she isn’t writing, she works full-time as a designer & advertiser. She also helps her local church with their live streaming. But her favorite are the Saturday morning snuggles with her husband and cats.

Not to mention playing Pokemon when she should be writing. But shhh, that’s our little secret.

Make creating fun again


That’s what Unboxing Chronic Creativity is all about, re-finding creativity while facing big, very real monsters in our head and bodies such as chronic illness, anxiety, and unhealed past wounds (not necessarily trauma). Because all creators, from writers to painters to videographers, have a small artist child inside of them. And some have been locked away for much too long. They need to learn how to live again.

This newsletter is inspired by The Artist’s Way by (name) with an added personal twist.

I want to encourage other artists like me to step aside from the rules for a moment and have fun. Hopefully, to learn from my journey of healing my own inner artists so you can as well.


The universe sprawls open — with waves, knots, and crannies — waiting for exploration.

Celestial Origins is a space opera with the breadth and world building of Star Wars paired with the in-depth, strange characters and relationships of the manga Beastars. The main character, Vishnear, heads this coming into adulthood story about finding your place in a world despite hardships you can’t control and struggling to accept who you are.

Behind His Weary Eyes is a precursor to Celestial Origins with a narrowed lens. Asa, the main character, guides you through a tale of re-finding your humanity sure to leave you grappling with your own questions of spirituality and suffering. What would you give to make things right?


Ada thoroughly enjoys Sarah Werner’s ‘Write Now’ podcast. It’s inspired her throughout the years. Now, she’s subscribed to her Dear Creators newsletter and is binging her audio drama Girl in Space.

Not everything is about writing sometimes. Ada likes learning about new things, productivity, and hearing reminders that it’s about the long haul (not the short term). She loves the Slow Growth newsletter for this reason.

Ada subscribes to a lovely Thursday! newsletter by Jimmie Bise, Jr. She likes it for diving into what it’s like to be a writer. It ranges from encouragement to struggles, essay style. He also writes some awesome shorts.