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Backwater Dealings

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The warm, humid air stuck to my skin. I slicked my long, frizzed hair back into a ponytail. Slapping a mosquito on my neck, I cursed under my breath.

I’d requested we take the backwater, knowing the problems it came with. But that was the least of my problems. A burning sensation leapt up my left arm.

“Dammit,” I said and bared my teeth.

“Where we headed, miss?” the boat driver asked. I grimaced; I could smell the tobacco he was chewing. The ride was cheap, though, so I couldn’t complain. 

“Further South,” I paused, “To Fefago.”

Silence stuck in the air as the sweat on my back. I heaved a sigh as the driver shifted his grip on the rudder. A bridge built from the war still stood. It hung low, mostly a dark orange-red from dust. 

The parts not affected by the rust were a darkened gray, the shine long since past. We hunched over to keep from hitting our heads. It moaned as we did.

“What’s forcing ya into this territory?” he asked, his statement not quite as drawn out as earlier. I shifted in my seat.

“How much time we got?” I said, cracking a half smile. The boater reflected my smile, leaning back.

“I’d give it about three hours before we hit the docks. Whatcha got for me?”

I chuckled, pulling up my left sleeve. The triangular mark gave off a red glow.

“Ya ever make a deal with a devil?”