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Waiting on Coffee

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Alex’s fingers tapped the counter. She could hear the gasping “tell me more” from the table behind her all the way to the two agents in the far back corner babbling about the supposed to be top-secret mission they were going on next. Trying to tune out their conversation, Alex rubbed her forehead.

“Come on, come on,” she said to the machine. It took exactly sixty-two seconds for the coffee to dispense. Sixty-two second too long.

Even though she had tuned out as many voices as she could, they weren’t out of her head. She sighed. She’d have to deal with the odd dreams tonight.

“Hey, Alex!” a familiar voice interrupted.

Alex groaned and scrunched her brow, “What do you want Mary?”

“What, I can’t even say hi to you anymore without you being mad at me?” Mary’s smile turned sour.

“I’m not mad at you,” Alex said. Mary crossed her arms, her blonde curls flowing over them.

“Could’ve fooled me,” Mary said. Her eyes became slits. If Alex wasn’t two heads taller than her, she might even be scared. A mechanical beep sounded then coffee sloshed into her solid black mug. Finally.

“You should know by now it isn’t personal,” Alex said with her back to Mary.

“Ah, right. I forgot you’re just an ass,” Mary spat. Alex took a long swig of coffee. The steam and bitter taste overwhelmed her senses. The voices died down, and her heart slowed.

“Professional irritant,” Alex said then walked away.